Windows 10 RT rebirth rumoured

Life in the old ARM OS yet

While many thought that Microsoft had killed off Windows RT a couple of years ago there might be something happening to jolt it back to life.

Although the company didn’t say anything about Windows RT in quite some time, Windows 10 RT is listed as a supported OS for Device Guard, a new security feature for Windows 10 Enterprise. This is a little odd if Windows RT is dead an older versions will not get a Windows 10 upgrade option. For those who came in late, RT was based on the Metro environment and the Windows Store. Windows RT devices could only run Metro apps from the Windows Store, and people didn’t like it. In fact it was that which was the main killer rather than the fact that RT devices ran ARM chips rather than x86.
It is possible that Microsoft has changed its mind having worked out that it was not the chip which was the problem but the Metro dependence that users hated. But it could also be that since Device Guard is a feature for Windows 10 Enterprise ‘the new’ operating system will be aimed at Enterprise users as a way of taking on Chromebooks.
Device Guard scans a program for a digital signature, and determines whether it’s trusted or not, so it allows only completely secure and trustful programs to be installed on companies’ computers. If Windows 10 RT supports all the same apps as Windows 10 it would perfectly fit into Device Guard’s remit.
Microsoft also lists Windows 10 RT as supported in Audio Engine Core Test on MSDN pages so it looks like Redmond has not given up on the ARM based OS yet.