Nova expanção para o Titan Quest Anniversary Edition.

Now here is a pleasant surprise for all Titan Quest owners. THQ Nordic has just released a brand new expansion for its action RPG, called Titan Quest: Ragnarok. This expansion adds a fifth act, along with many new and requested features. Among them is a 10th Mastery for characters to learn.
It’s also worth noting that Pieces Interactive has added new items and secrets to all previous acts. As such, players can revisit them and discover them.
Titan Quest: Ragnarok also increases the level cap to 85, adds new weapons and gear, as well as new enemies and bosses. In addition, this expansion features new shaders and graphical effects. Players can also expect improved ragdoll physics, improved UI and combat feedback for total information, improved control customization and improved modding tools.
Do note that this isn’t a standalone expansion. In order to play Titan Quest: Ragnarok, players will have to own Titan Quest Anniversary Edition.
In case you do not own it, Titan Quest Anniversary Edition comes with a 80% discount until November 22nd. Similarly, Titan Quest: Ragnarok comes with a 25% discount until November 24th.